Composer & Musician


Tormy Van Cool

"Tormy Van Cool" is my Registered Pseudonym c/o SABAM, not my real name

I was born in 1968, and I studied music at 8-10 years old due his mother (Licia Mariani): teacher of music and director in a private, and at that time, known school in Milan:"Anzaghi School", and the influence of my uncle "Giuliano Mariani" at that time: first Trumpet at the "Teatro Regio" in Turin.

My first instrument was accordion, than I "migrated" to Classic guitar.
After some year, I suspended my studies.

I restarted my studies at 20-22 y.o. with Piano, and Theory of Music: Harmony and Counterpoint. I started also to play acoustic, electric guitar, synth with some approach to mouth harmonica, introducing also Pan's Flute.

I got my Diploma in Harmony and Composition c/o Conservatory of Mechelen (with Peter Thys), where I studied also: Violin (with Kris Janssens), Jazz Guitar (with Hugo Jaquet) and Tenor Saxophone (with Rudy Hammaers)

I recently translated  2 Operas (of Rossini: LA SCALA DI SETA, and of Hydn LO SPEZIALE) from italian to Dutch


In 1992 I collaborated to the realization of the Spectacle/Ballet "

Elfi dei Boschi

" created and directed by Alessandro Ferrari and with the participation of the Orchestra and Ballet by "

La Scala

" theater of Milan. In 2000-2001 I made my first composition in modern melodic style for Orchestra and Synth "


". From that moment on,I composed many pieces in different music styles: Classical ( for big Orchestras ), Electronic, New Age/New Wave, Country and made also authorized arrangements of 3rd parties pieces, like:
(by David Gilmour/Roger Waters - Pink Floyd -© holders: Pink Floyd Music Publishing LTD/Warner Chappell)

Wish You Were Here

(by Andrew Lloyd Webber- © holders: The Really Useful Group LTD/Universal Music)

Sunset Boulevard,With one look,The Perfect Year

(by Don Backy/Mariano Detto - © Holders: Universal Music)


(Intepreter: Andrea Bocelli - by Giuseppe Vessicchio/Giuseppe Servillo - © Holders: Sony BMG)


 etc ... I produced some CD available in iTunes and Amazon under my real name, not under my pseudonym, like:

Guitar Mania 

 (14 pieces Concept album)


(6 Pieces - Concept Album also in

Spring Time

- 5 Pieces Collection -

Available soon on Amazon

 In 2006 I begun to take lessons at the Conservatory ( in Mechelen - Belgium ) with Violin (teacher: Kris Janssens). He took the occasion, in the second year, to start also jazz guitar (teacher: Hugo Jaquet) and in the the fourth year: Tenor Sax (teacher: Rudy Haemers).
After 3 months of Conservatory, I composed a piece for two violins, piano, percussion, two groups of violins and Double Bass "


". I played it as violin Beginner during a Concert in the Conservatory's Auditorium. 
In the third year, I composed a Concert for Big Orchestra "

Spring Time

" and made the reduction for Piano and Violin and for Piano Solo with who gave his Violin examinations at the end of the first 3 yearly-cycle course, and was succeeding his exams to start the second 3years-cycle course. 
Meanwhile, I asked and obtained from the Conservatory, to frequent also a course of Harmony, Counterpoint, Fuga and Orchestration (teacher: Peter Thÿs). 
Normally this course is advanced and for people that are since some year in Conservatory, but Teachers and Director accepted in order to give me the occasion to develop talent (if ever I have one) and passion. My composition "

Concert voor Barbara

" for Piano, Orchestra and Harp, was played by the orchestra of Stedelijk Conservatorium of Mechelen the 27th November 2010. LIST OF THE COMPOSITIONS:

  • Memories
  • Armònia
  • Notte Caprese
  • Marina
  • Autumn
  • Never Ending Dreams (together with N.Ghyassaert)
  • Sally (together with N.Ghyssaert)
  • Neon
  • Album: GUITAR MANIA: Mister Guitar
  • Album: GUITAR MANIA: Interlude 1
  • Album: GUITAR MANIA: Interlude 2
  • Album: GUITAR MANIA: Music: Soul State
  • Album: GUITAR MANIA: Tears
  • Album: GUITAR MANIA: Laster Jam Experience (together with: A.Angeretti, F.Dipace, M.Innaco, S.D'Amore, S.Malfatti)
  • Album: GUITAR MANIA: Nervous Joe (together with: M.Innaco)
  • Album: GUITAR MANIA: Feeling Something (together with: S.D'Amore)
  • Album: GUITAR MANIA: Experience (togeether with: S.D'Amore)
  • Album: GUITAR MANIA: The Eye of the Cyclone (togehter with: S.Malfatti)
  • Album: GUITAR MANIA: Voices from Space (together with: S.Malfatti)
  • Album: GUITAR MANIA: The Sound of the Sea (together with: A.Angeretti)
  • Album KAREN: Part 1
  • Album KAREN: Part 2
  • Album KAREN: Part 3
  • Album KAREN: Part 4
  • Album KAREN: Part 5
  • Album KAREN: Part 6
  • Concert voor Barbara
  • Spring Time ( Piano-Violin version ) Published by the Belgian Editor ":Golden River Music")
  • Spring Time ( Big Orchestra version )
  • Spring Time ( Piano reduction )
  • Onbestemde Melancholische Ziel
  • Fractaal Gefluister
  • Your Love (Will Be Always) in My Soul (When the Sun)
  • Hymn To Victory
  • De Lied Van De Elfen (De Tuin Van De Elfen) Published by the Belgian Editor ":Golden River Music")
  • Time To Fade (Sarah Lee Ackmann/ Tormy Van Cool )
  • Year After Year (Sarah Lee Ackmann /Tormy Van Cool )
  • Why Did You Leave Me (Sarah Lee Ackmann / Tormy Van Cool)
  • Fèline ( Sarah Lee Ackmann / Tormy Van Cool)
  • Striptease (Tormy Van Cool / Sarah Lee Ackmann)
  • Don't look at Me (Sarah Lee Ackmann / Tormy Van Cool )
  • As Usual (English Version: Tormy Van Cool/Sarah lee Ackmann)
  • As Usual (French Version: Tormy Van Cool / Sarah lee Ackmann)
  • Solitair (French Version: Music Tormy VAN COOL, lycircs: Sarah LEE ACKMANN)
  • Solitaire (English Version: Music and Lyrics: Tormy VAN COOL)

Other pieces are at the present time done, registered but not-yet-published. 

  • Translation from italian to Dutch of "La Scala di Seta" by Gioachino Rossini, on scene the 28th, 29th and 30th May 2010 in Cultuur Centrum Mechelen by Het Mechels Kamer Orkest

  • Translation from italian to Dutch of "Lo Speziale" by Joseph Haydn, on scene the 5th, 6th and 7th October 2012 in Cultuur Centrum Mechelen by Het Mechels Kamer Orkest
  • Composition of 21 pieces (11 intros and 10 outros) for each Section of the Nederlands version (by Lode Verstraete) of the Theater's Performance "MISTERO BUFFO" by Dario Fo (Authorization requested and obtained from the Belgian Copyright Owner: J.Jassens BVBA). Titles:
  • Chapter 1: "La Strage Degli Innocenti

  • 1. intro - DE MOORD OP DE ONNOZELE KINDEREN (Violin);
    2. outro - DE KIND IS GERED (Flute); 
  • Chapter 2: "La Nascita Del Giullare"
    3. intro - DE GEBOORTE VAN DE SPEELMAN (Violin);
    4. outro - DE SPEELMAN IS AFGEKOMEN (Violin); 
  • Chapter 3: "La Resurrezione Di Lazzaro"
    5. intro - DE OPWEKKING VAN LAZARUS (Violin);
    6. outro - LAZARUS (Violin); 
  • Chapter 4: "Il Matto E La Morte"
    7. intro - DE ZOT EN DE DOOD (Violin);
    8. outro - DE SMOORVERLIEFDE ZOT (Violin);
  • Chapter 5: "Il Miracolo Delle Nozze Di Cana"
    9. intro - DE BRUILOFT VAN KANA (Violin);
    10. intro - DE BRUILOFT (Violin: alternative piece at the previous one);
    11. outro - KAN KANA (Violin);
  • Chapter 6: "La Moralità Del Cieco E Dello Storpio"
    12. intro - DE MORALITEIT VAN DE BLINDE EN DE LAMME (Violin or Flute);
    13. outro - DE VERBETERING (Flute);
  • Chapter 7: "La Madonna Incontra Le Marie"
    15. outro - MIJN ZOONTJE (Flute); 
  • Chapter 8: "Bonifacio VIII"
    16. intro - BONIFATIUS VIII (Flute);
    17. outro - DA PAUS EN PRINS BONIFATIUS (Flute or Violin);
  • Chapter 9: "I Crozador (Inchiodatori)"
    19. outro - MAAK ZIJ KAPOT (Violin); 
  • Chapter 10: "Maria Alla Croce"
    20. MARIA BIJ HET KRUIS (Violin);
    21. GABRIEL (Flute); 


  • M.A.I. (Meraviglioso Amore Infinito) (together with: G.Lombardo)
  • Tu


  • Sunset Boulevard (Andrew Lloyd Webber)
  • With one Look (Andrew Lloyd Webber)
  • The Perfect year (Andrew Lloyd Webber)
  • Wish You Where Here (Pink Floyd - D.Gilmour/R.Waters)
  • Sogno (A.Bocelli - G.Vessicchio/G.Servillo)
  • L'immensità (Don Backy/M.Detto)


  • Love Story (Francis LAI)
  • Je Crois Entendre Encore (George BIZET)