"Special" Orchestral Format in "HYMN TO VICTORY"

Article 15.04.2012, 12:59

Everybody are expecting standards from music scores and/or in the format of an Orchestra. Anyhow from the "expectation" to the "reality" there is some step in-between :-) It's the case of my last piece ("Last" when I'm writing this little article 15 April 2012), which is written for an ensamble of: Violins, Violas, Cello and Counterbasses (Timpani and Bells), I used soemthing a little out from the "standard" configuration. But: what the standard is? Well, everybody are aware that in an ...


Added full MP3s to all my published Scores

Article 13.04.2012, 10:11

Dear all for all the music scores I published here in, I added a full MP3. Before there were only few pieces with just 30 seconds MP3. But it was a choice to be changed, because 30 seconds are not sufficient to understand how a piece is evolving. Thus the decision to update everything and to add the MP3s where they weren't. Of course the "parts" of a piece for Orchestra, have not any MP3, but you can find it where the Conductor's Score is. If you have any question, please ...


New piece posted with also MP3

Article 12.04.2012, 21:44

Hi all I posted a new piece: "HYMN TO VICTORY" I recently composed, for strings (violins, Violas, Cellos, Counterbasses) and some percussion: Timpani and Bells Inside the .ZIP file, there are also the parts. All the documents are in .PDF I discovered that who has not the font I used for the titling inside the PDF, as results, has a strange "title" when displayed and printed. Please my apologies. Who's buying that piece of Music, will receive from me the font package. All the best