"Special" Orchestral Format in "HYMN TO VICTORY"

Article 15.04.2012 12:59

Some jut-little-not-standard solution for this piece I recently composed and published

Everybody are expecting standards from music scores and/or in the format of an Orchestra. Anyhow from the "expectation" to the "reality" there is some step in-between :-)
It's the case of my last piece ("Last" when I'm writing this little article 15 April 2012), which is written for an ensamble of: Violins, Violas, Cello and Counterbasses (Timpani and Bells), I used soemthing a little out from the "standard" configuration.
But: what the standard is?
Well, everybody are aware that in an Orcehstra, normally are sued:
  • A group of 1st violins
  • A group of 2nd violins
  • A group of Violas
  • A group of Cellos and Counterbasses
etc ...
In the case of my piece "HYMN TO VICTORY" I added a group of 3rd Violins that are supporting the Violas,sometimes they play the same violas' parts because it falls down in the same register, sometimes just creating a game of "question & answer" with Violas.
At mt own eyes (or better: ears) it gives more register's colour to the inner part of the Orchestral Voicing, related to my piece.
Thus, when you want to play it, pleas take in consideration this configuration's changes.


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