Concert voor Barbara

News 29.11.2010 10:37
It's my first blog here ( I use the section NEWS for my Blog till there will be not another more appropriate section ) and I would like to thank you very much for your participation to all were attending and to all cannot attend but where closest with their thoughts :)

The concert was successful. 40 seconds of plause. It was a premium for all the problematics we met till last moment.

The concert hall was full. There where people seat on the stairs too :) the participation and the feeling was very high.

As usual, I was introduced by the speaker and after the concert I was called-out from the Conductor, bowing toward the public and shaking the Conductor's hands.
I got also a bottle wine ... leeekkeeerrr ( very good :D ).

I picked a film with my camera up. The audio is not so good. Fortunately there was a person with professional tools and picked the same audio up. I will mount audio track and titles with video track and I will publish Concert voor Barbara, and the other pieces, on YouTUBE at soon as possible, keeping you aware ;)

Thank you again



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