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2 new songs published

Notícias 10.08.2013, 11:55

In the context of my i-Band "SARAH 'n TORMY" foundedn on September 2012, we published 2 songs. One is a cover of a song of Mylène Farmer "pas le temps de vivre" and the second one is our own production "Don't Look at Me" The genres are respectively: Melodic Pop/new Age and Psychedelic Here the link where you can listen to these songs and, eventually, purchase them for 0.6 euro (0.9 USD)


Two of my Compositions, are published by an Editor

Notícias 20.07.2013, 21:59

I'm very glad to announce I signed a contract with the Belgian Editor: GOLDEN RIVER MUSIC , form my two Compositions: " De Lied van De Elfen " and " Spring Time " for Piano and Violin. I had thus to remove the scores from Musicaneo, because my editor has the exclusivity on the Publication. If you would like to have more information, please feel free to contact directly Golden River Music at its email:


I removed a couple of music sheets

Notícias 05.04.2013, 23:23

Due a contract it will be stipulated in the next days, with the Belgian Editor for Professionals: GoldenRiverMusic, I removed: "De Lied Van Den Elfen" "Spring Time" for Piano and Violin these music scores will be available in the publications of that editor in the next future. I will inform you when they will be on catalog.


Laser Harp

Notícias 17.06.2011, 19:01

I saw this wonderful instrument the first time, played by Jean Michel Jarre.With the years I became NewAge music composer, and I found a really great idea to play it. In 2010 I started to looking for who, in the world, was really producing this instrument. Browsing in Google, it was very difficult to find somebody. The main reason: it is full of blogs of self-builders, or empty pages or some not well defined products that's lokking like a toy. As musician I needed something that's a product, that's an ...


Concert voor Barbara

Notícias 29.11.2010, 10:37

It's my first blog here ( I use the section NEWS for my Blog till there will be not another more appropriate section ) and I would like to thank you very much for your participation to all were attending and to all cannot attend but where closest with their thoughts :) The concert was successful. 40 seconds of plause. It was a premium for all the problematics we met till last moment. The concert hall was full. There where people seat on the stairs too :) the participation and the feeling was very high. As ...